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Substrates for biogas plants

The qualified team of engineers at Krieg & Fischer has extensive experience of different processing techniques and substrates – ranging from complex pre-treatment techniques for biowaste to fermentation technology, right through to the required post-treatment. Not only are we experts in "conventional" substrates, we also develop solutions for all kinds of substrates such as semi-frozen yak dung, elephant dung, olive residues, straw or slaughterhouse waste. We develop the best pre-treatment for waste which contains impurities, such as biowaste or the organic fraction of residual waste. Our long-standing practical experience ensures the best possible outcome for our customers.

Agricultural substrates

Many different substrates can be used in agricultural enterprises, including liquid manure, one of the first and oldest substrates, crop residues, energy crops and grass is also a very variable substrate. Find out more....

Biogas plants for biowaste and kitchen waste

Biowaste is separately collected organic waste generated by households, kitchen waste is generated primarily from commercial kitchens, restaurants and canteens. Find out more....

Biogas plants for organic industrial waste

In the food industry organic substances are generated as residues, which are ideal for the generation of renewable energy in biogas plants thanks to their energy and optimal dry-matter content. Find out more....