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With our partner Ecoheart at the fair NExpo

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As every year since 2014 we presented at the NExpo in Tokyo together with our partner Ecoheart. In 1999 we constructed the biogas plant Tottori, which is one of the first biogas plants in Japan. Since that time, we constructed four biogas plants and put them in operation. The design of these plants varies, as the input substrates are quite different. One is using manure only; the others use not only manure, but also sludge from waste water treatment, vegetable waste or industrial kitchen waste. In 2018 our operational service was wanted for the first time in Japan. We offer our operational service to biogas plants worldwide.

Actually, we are working on the preplanning for our fifth biogas plant in Japan. Hopefully the plant will be in operation in 2020.

This year we presented our new movie „ Tailor made biogas plants“ at the NExpo. Tailor made, as our engineering does not base on ready-made solutions but is adapted to the individual needs of the substrate and the conditions on site.