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Activities 2003

  1. Optimisation of an existing biogas plant with solids input device.
  2. Expert assistance for an insurance regarding an accident at a biogas plant.
  3. Extension of an existing biogas plant. Application for the permission, planning of new components.
  4. Preliminary engineering of a large agricultural biogas plant with an input of pig manure of more than 100,000 m³. Process technology, layout of main components, cost assessment, measurement and process control technique.
  5. Feasibility study about the potential for the construction of a biogas plant in a rural area of Germany.
    Conception, utilization of electricity and heat, distribution model, exploration of the best place, preplanning of the biogas plant, cost assessment and evaluation of the economy.
  6. Control and assessment of offers of different general contractors for a farm scale biogas plant in Saxony.
    Permission, analysis of existing offers concerning valuation of the concept, comparison of the process technology, control of the costs and economy (with IGUS GmbH, Dresden).
  1. Preliminary planning of a cofermentation plant in Portugal based on an industrial standard.
  1. Design of a large biogas plant in the USA. Conception, preliminary engineering, cost assessment, biogas plant description.