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Fermentation of paper and straw with thermo-pressure- hydrolysis (TPH) in Derby, Englan

Jones Celtic BioEnergy (JCBE) awarded K&F the contract for planning a biogas plant for (amongst others) fermenting kitchen-, market- and slaughterhouse waste as well as waste paper in Derby, England. For the waste pre-treatment a flexible thermo-pressure hydrolysis of the company AeroThermal Group will be used – in contrast to systems used for sludge treatment; this system is able to also pre-treat solid, polluted substrates. Complex organic structures as for example in lignocellulose bio mass (paper, waste) are digested by high pressure and high temperature. This pre-treatment accelerates the upcoming fermentation process through microorganisms so that digester volumes are used more effectively. Furthermore, this treatment complies with all criteria for the hygienic use of slaughterhouse waste. In the face of the shortage of fossil raw materials the use of bio mass from waste is playing an increasing role. In the future 50.000 tons of waste per year from the Derby region is going to be transformed into 11 million cubic meters of biogas which will then be treated into bio methane to be fed into the local natural gas grid. With almost 3 megawatt the planned JCBE Derby biogas plant is a big waste fermentation plant, going to be operational in 2018.